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Get Your RV Sold!

We can help! Don’t worry about having to make appointments with prospective buyers, or even detailing your own coach for sale. Let the pros at Pro RV do all the work for you. We will take photos of your coach and post those pictures along with all your RVs information on our website and several other RV specialty websites to assure your coach is seen. We are motivated to help you move your motorhome or trailer, because we don’t get paid a penny unless we sell your RV for you.

Pro RV is conveniently located between Dallas and Ft. Worth, so we have a large audience within close driving distance. We can even take trades and help potential buyers secure financing for your RV. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have at  (817) 554-1145.

Below is a list of information we are commonly asked about RV consignments.

1. You set the price you want for your RV.
2. We get 10% of the selling price as commission, ($10,000 minimum).
3. At the time someone gives us a deposit on your coach, we will do a pre-delivery inspection.
4. We will give you a list of any problems found, and an estimate to repair them.
5. It is at your discretion which items will be repaired.
6. Any items that are not repaired will be noted to the potential buyer.
7. If the buyer wishes to continue with the sale, we will do the necessary repairs and deduct the cost from the amount you receive.
8. We like to have vehicles on consignment for a 90 (ninety) day period.
9. Please remove all personal items from RV prior to bringing it to our lot for sale.
10. Unit needs to be clean inside and out. We can do this for a fee if needed.
11. Unit needs to have enough fuel and LP to run the systems, start the generator, and for test drives.
12. Unit must remain insured by you, and proof of insurance is required.
13. We will market your coach through the internet on various RV sites and possibly in print ads.
14. If we don’t sell your RV, you owe us nothing at the end of the 90 day sales period.
15. We DO NOT charge a storage fee while your RV is for sale on our lot.